Content Delivery Network

ACME offers hosting of generated files (mp4, gif, fbx, png, zip) on our Microsoft Azure based Content Delivery Network (CDN) for paying subscribers. This allows for 24/7/365 global secure availability of created animation files. Note this is distinct from our standard file return hosting, which is only temporary. We provide Azure enpoints upon subscription only.

ACME’s CDN hosting is a separate additional offering from the standard ACME workflow of creating animation files in /orders. To review subscriber options, an ACME subscriber can:

1. Utilize the /new resource to create animations (mp4, gif, etc.) which are available in temporary /orders resources. It is up to the subscriber to download the animation product files and host them where they like, since all content in the /orders resource is only temporarily available.

2. Optionally, ACME subscribers can pay for additional services for automated publication of animations to our CDN. This support is essentially permanent global hosting of animations, so long as the subscription is active.

See documentation on the cdn flag in the /new resource on how to implement automated animation product publication on our CDN.

Please email for details on rates and sign up for CDN subscription.