/orders/<order number>/image

This resource is a Restul POST target for a remote client to upload an image to an existing order. After the image is receieved by, the order is automatically refreshed and begins processing anew as if the order was just created.

After posting to the image resource, it is recommended to check the progress resource iteratively for completion, since requests for mp4s immediately following a post to image will return 202 responses as the animation process takes time to complete.

Reminder: this image resource is one of two ways to create an animation with a custom image. The two patterns of animation creation with custom images are:

  1. The “Don’t use this image reousrce” way: First ensure the image is published on the web, then make a call to the /new resource with the img1 argument set to the web address of the published image.
  2. The “Use this image resource” way: Create the order with a call to /new first, then directly upload the image to the order to this image resouce after the order has been created.

The advantage of the first pattern is that only one call to new must be made. The disadvantage of the first pattern is that the image must be published via http/https on the internet.

The advantage of the second pattern is that the custom image does not need to be published on the internet in advance of the call to /new. The disadvantage is that two calls to the api must be made to create the desired animation.

Example URL:

Example return values:

(None, but <200> OK status code)

See the SDK section of this documentation for detailed working examples of POSTing to the image resource. Note this is the only resource at that requires a http/s POST; all other api calls can work through GETs. This makes most of the api easily explorable through a standard web browser.