/orders/<order number>/progress

This resource returns a JSON-formatted response containing information key:value pairs about the specified order since the most recent edit.

“progress”: an integer in the range [0-100] which represents the percentage of completion for the most recently requested animated code.

“stage”: a string description of the type of work currently being done to create the order. Example values include:

'Order Creation'
'Order Definition'
'Gif Creation'
'Mp4 Creation'
'Internal File Verification'
'External File Verification'
'Order Complete'

“queue”: an integer of the count of unstarted orders currently in the request queue. If queue is non-zero, the system is at maximum capacity and progress speed will be delayed. If queue is non-zero, most front end client systems communicate this information to users to help assure them as to why processing is slower than usual.

Example URL:

Example return values:

{"queue": 10, "progress": 0, "stage": "Order Creation"}
{"queue": 0, "progress": 0, "stage": "Order Creation"}
{"queue": 0, "progress": 15, "stage": "Animation"}
{"queue": 0, "progress": 55, "stage": "Rendering"}
{"queue": 0, "progress": 100, "stage": "Order Complete"}