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This documentation describes the REST ful Web Application Programming Interface (Web API) supporting the ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) provided by Animated Codes Made Easy LLC, or ‘ACME’.

ACME’s service provides near real time creation of customized animations of any scannable code, including QR codes.

Standard codes and QR codes (non-animated) can also be created, and are free of charge within certain volume limitations.

If you are a software developer interested in using ACME’s service, this documentation is for you. If you are not a software developer, you’ll probably be happier visiting ACME’s home page: www.acme.codes, or you may just want to go ahead and make animated codes yourself with ACME’s Coderunner .

This documentation describes the ReST API call sequences for requesting an animated code online.

The API described in this documentation is available at https://api.acme.codes

Our Content Delivery Network (CDN) subdomain is https://cdn.api.acme.codes and our current global cloud provider for our CDN is Microsoft Azure. Support for using ACME’s CDN is limited to paying subscribers.

The example workflows described in this documentation will function for anyone without payment; in particular non-animated codes can be generated without any payment (for free). However messages embedded into animated codes will be prefixed to ACME’s website in a way that limits commercial use but still demonstrates ACME’s real time encoding ability. All generated demonstration codes are scannable, however the embedded link will only affirm the requested test message rather than contain the original message. To encode messages into animated codes without this prefixed demonstration restriction, a subscription-based business agreement with ACME must first be paid for.

The majority of API calls made available here can be experimented with by anyone with a browser. Simply try the links directly, or copy, edit, and paste them to create your own test codes.

If you have feedback or questions on this documentation, or if you are interested in purchasing bulk quantity near real time animated codes or QR codes through ACME’s API, please contact sales@acme.codes

Certain design and architectural features of this service are patented under US 10,083,535 B2.

‘QR Code’ is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED

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